Nelnet Storefront: By the Numbers

In Brief:

  • Nelnet Storefront is on track for a record-breaking year in 2022.

  • Today’s students are moving toward cashless transactions all across campus.

  • Two future, key product upgrades to Storefront will positively impact clients.

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Today’s students are carrying less cash and are more motivated to use digital alternatives for their spending, including cashless payments across college campuses. In fact, ecommerce in the United States has grown 7.2 percent in the last quarter alone. With the use of ecommerce rising, Nelnet Campus Commerce has stayed ahead of the trends with products like Nelnet Storefront. This online store experience, designed for higher education institutions, gives endless options to expand digital selling both on and off campus. Here are some economic highlights of Storefront over the last year:

  • As of August 2022, Storefront clients have witnessed $9.9 million dollars in total sales across 53,041 transactions. That’s almost the same amount in sales from all of 2021, putting Storefront on track for a record-breaking year!
  • This spring, Nelnet Campus Commerce wrapped up one of our largest and most ambitious Storefront projects to date. Several institutions in North Dakota have successfully implemented 19 stores for numerous campuses and so far in 2022, have processed over 10,000 transactions.
  • One of the first North Dakota stores implemented is the largest Storefront online store with over 750 products for sale.
  • Storefront has added 29 new stores in 2022 from nine different clients, including institutions in New York and Massachusetts, with several more clients coming online later this year.
  • Many of our institutional partners are using Storefront in unique ways, such as in a hospital gift shop or shipping sports swag worldwide to alumni and fans.

New Storefront Developments

While 2022 has been a growing success for Storefront and its clients, there are a few key product developments that will make a big financial and operational impact on Storefront clients moving forward:

  • Mobile Register: Campuses can continue to adjust to a new generation of consumers who approach the world in a mobile-focused way. With Mobile Register, campus groups can scan barcodes and accept cash, checks and credit cards – all from their phones.
  • The Storefront Tax Tool: As a new tool that supports USPS address verification, this tool eliminates the need for schools to work with third-party companies to calculate and assess sales tax in Storefront.

The Future of Storefront

While the future of Storefront looks bright, we continue looking for ways to improve this online store solution. If you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see based on your Storefront experience, let your account manager know. They will pass it along to our product team, and it just might become a key part of our product roadmap.

Over the last year, we’ve worked together to make Storefront the success it has become for campuses nationwide. With your enduring support, we’re confident the success of Storefront will just keep growing.

Learn more about Storefront and Mobile Register.


Natalie Schwarz
Author: Natalie Schwarz

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