Security and Compliance

Natalie Schwarz

The Benefits of Using Cloud Computing Solutions

With cloud computing quickly growing in popularity, learn what benefits it can bring to your higher education institution.

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Jordan Snader

The Value of Integration

We recently held a webinar talking about the importance of quality integration – and how we connect higher education to the cloud. Check out the highlights.

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McKenzie Beach

Storefront | Online, Contactless Marketplace

Nelnet Campus Commerce highlights the success we have seen with implementing Storefront on campuses throughout this year.

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Nadine Nelson

NACHA’s New Account Validation Rule

NACHA’s new rule on account validation goes into effect in March 2021. Angela Nielsen, an accredited ACH professional, shares her insights.

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Linda Hansen

The Future of PCI-SSC

The Payment Application-Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) v3.2 expires in October 2022 and will be replaced by the PCI Software Security Framework. Here is how Nelnet is staying ahead of this deadline with security enhancements.

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McKenzie Beach

Protect Students from Spear Phishing Attacks

The cyber division within the FBI put out an important notice regarding spear phishing. We want our partners’ staff and students to be aware of spear phishing attacks. The Nelnet cybersecurity team includes 70 plus individuals that promote security within the Nelnet environment.

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McKenzie Beach

Be Aware of Increasing Cyber-Attack Threats

Ransomware, zoombombing, and phishing are the three most common type of cyber-attacks. We discuss four security recommendations for institutions. Nelnet has a team of 30 plus people who are constantly looking into the security of our products.

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Linda Hansen

The Impact of PA-DSS

When an institution purchases a PA-DSS validated product, they not only receive the software application, but also take on the responsibility for the infrastructure support and maintenance that will support the application. With a PA-DSS validated product, institutions may need to do more work in-house to maintain the necessary levels of information security.

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Nadine Nelson

Becoming a Cashless Business Office

Becoming cashless has been an increasingly popular way for business offices to streamline their processes and, with the effects of COVID-19, promote health and safety. Explore the process of “going cashless,” including contactless options.

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Nadine Nelson

Cybersecurity and Working From Home

CampusGuard, a cybersecurity and compliance company, discusses the transition to working from home came with a lot of challenges – especially when it comes to cybersecurity and technical needs. Make sure staff members aren’t just using a dedicated work space – but are protecting it as well.

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Nadine Nelson

CampusGuard: Cybersecurity Q&A Session

Ed Ko, Co-founder and Director of Information Security Services of CampusGuard shares best practices to keep your information secure. Tips on how often to change wi-fi passwords, how to store corporate documents, strategies for single sign-on, password management, vpn access, and using wifi in public spaces.

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Nelnet Campus Commerce

Safeguarding Against Money Laundering: Tuition Payments

The concern of possible money laundering has been brought to the forefront with several recent inquiries at different levels of government. Third-party tuition payment processors work best when integrated into student information systems. This integration allows for a single sign on approach for additional security and eliminates the risk of fraud and data breaches.

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