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Ransomware in Higher Education

Colleges and universities host a significant amount of sensitive data, including student information, protected health information, financial information, and research data. This data, as well as the need to support such a diverse group of users (students, faculty, and staff) and systems makes higher education a prime target for ransomware attacks.

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McKenzie Beach

Protect Students from Spear Phishing Attacks

The cyber division within the FBI put out an important notice regarding spear phishing. We want our partners’ staff and students to be aware of spear phishing attacks. The Nelnet cybersecurity team includes 70 plus individuals that promote security within the Nelnet environment.

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McKenzie Beach

Be Aware of Increasing Cyber-Attack Threats

Ransomware, zoombombing, and phishing are the three most common type of cyber-attacks. We discuss four security recommendations for institutions. Nelnet has a team of 30 plus people who are constantly looking into the security of our products.

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Linda Hansen

The Impact of PA-DSS

When an institution purchases a PA-DSS validated product, they not only receive the software application, but also take on the responsibility for the infrastructure support and maintenance that will support the application. With a PA-DSS validated product, institutions may need to do more work in-house to maintain the necessary levels of information security.

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Nelnet Campus Commerce

The Future of E-Commerce on Campuses

Jodi Spethman, director of marketing, shared some of her wisdom from 20 years of professional experience and working closely with e-commerce and higher education.

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