2023 Recap: Nelnet Campus Commerce's Top 5 Most-Read Blogs

Author: Natalie Schwarz

In Brief:

  • As 2023 comes to a close, we’re looking back at our most-read blogs.

  • From goal setting tips, to benefits, to new associates, this list has it all!

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As we near the end of the year, we here at Nelnet Campus Commerce wanted to revisit our top 5 blogs of 2023. The articles on this list received the most views and engagement from you, our clients. Be on the lookout for new and engaging content in 2024.

#5 Derrick Shy, Business Development Executive Nelnet Campus Commerce

This summer, Derrick Shy joined Nelnet Campus Commerce as a Business Development Executive for the Southeast Region. He brought with him over 20 years of experience in the higher education industry. When starting at Nelnet, he was looking forward to getting out and in front of campuses in person and learning how he could be of assistance to higher education institutions. Read blog…

#4 The Surprising Effect of the Pandemic on Graduate Degree Enrollment

A topic that still resonates with many of our clients and put it in the #4 spot: the pandemic’s effect on graduate degree enrollment. The pandemic still has such an impact leading some people to rethink their careers or education choices. Enrollment numbers for graduate degrees continue to rise at all types of higher education institutions, trending towards business, public health, and law. Read blog…

#3 Benefits of a Cashless Campus

Many higher education institutions are still adopting the ever-popular idea of becoming a cashless campus. Going cashless does come with many benefits for your institution, including promoting health and safety among your staff and students, streamlining processes in the business office, and improving security and reducing fraud. Read blog…

#2 Being Financially Responsible as a Student: Benefits of Budgeting - Campus Commerce

By helping students think of budgeting as a positive thing instead of being a chore, they can live the lifestyle they desire — on a budget. This article focuses on benefits like the rewards of being financially aware, and offers eight affordable actions students can take to live in a way that is financially responsible. Developing a budget is definitely worth the time. Read blog…

#1 SMART or PACT? Setting Your Goals in 2023

We started off 2023 with a blog on goal setting – the perfect time of year to set goals. From personal to professional, setting goals can give you greater direction, greater focus, increased productivity, and motivation. There are numerous goal setting techniques, so we focused on one of the most popular, SMART Goals, and a lesser known goal setting method, PACT. Read blog…

Thank you so much for reading our blogs this year! We are looking forward to bringing you more content about the higher education industry in 2024! Until then, see what other topics we’ve covered in 2023, like Cybersecurity, Updates from NACUBO, and so much more.

Natalie Schwarz
Author: Natalie Schwarz

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